Artistic Colour Gloss versus Shellac – what’s the difference?

So, everyone has heard of the revolutionary ‘gel nail’ technology that has dominated the nail industry over recent years.  Gel nails offer clients a more durable, instantly drying, chip and smudge free manicure or pedicure aimed to last for up to 14 days, in some cases even longer!  A visit to your local nail technician is no longer a dreaded affair wondering if you’ll actually make it out with all 10 nails intact!

Paloma Blanca Beauty has recently introduced ‘Artistic Colour Gloss’ to the treatment list, hailed by the likes of A-list celebs such as Beyoncé and J-Lo and recently launched at the Urban Retreat salon at Harrods it’s an amazing new product. 

Many people have asked me if I offer Shellac manicures and it’s with some trepidation that they subject themselves to a manicure using a product that is little known, thus far, to the public. I’m here to tell you why I believe Artistic Colour Gloss rivals Shellac and will hopefully be making a splash in salons over the coming months….

Artistic Colour Gloss is a pure gel polish, unlike Shellac which is a hybrid containing elements of both the gel and nail polish families.  Patented pending gel suspension technology in Artistic allows the pigment to remain perfectly suspended throughout the colour.  Still with me?!…in short the technology ensures that the depth of colour is always consistent, no more of the ‘light’ patches you can sometimes experience with regular nail polishes.  In addition to this special formula, proteins in the base coat ‘bond’ with the natural keratin in the nails resulting in a healthy nail on removal.  Aesthetically, I find it is a far glossier product and the shine lasts the duration of the manicure.

Additionally, I use an LED lamp to cure the nails dry. This is a more advanced system and takeshalf the drying time to Shellac which uses UV lamps.

Finally, Artistic has an amazing range of saucy-to-sophisticated, fashion-focused colours available to choose from – almost three times the amount compared with its rival Shellac!

Hopefully there is enough here to tempt you into trying this new product…so what are you waiting for? Book yourself in for a fantastic Artistic Colour Gloss manicure now!  I’m currently stocking a range of fabulous colours bright enough to even add some sunshine to your life in this typical English summer!

Ana x