Do you stick to your skincare routine?

Do you clean your face at night?…I mean really give it a good wash, getting rid of all the dirt, sweat, and grime that builds up throughout the day?  In a recent survey carried out by online beauty retailer it was discovered that a staggering 79% of women regularly forego removing their makeup and cleansing their skin daily!  Maintaining a skincare regime, however simple, along with healthy balanced diet and plenty of water is key to keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing. 

We’ve all been there, late nights, too tired, or simply not interested form just some of the excuses we give for not cleansing and toning.  However, removing your make up at the end of the day shouldn’t be a chore, it should form part of your daily bed time routine, and in reality it only takes a matter of minutes , five at most,  to get that lovely clean and fresh feeling!

Here are just a couple of reasons to emphasize the need to following a simple cleansing routine.  First and foremost, removing your make-up helps prevent blackheads and spots caused by blocked pores owing to make-up sitting on your skin for prolonged periods of time.  Secondly, it removes the daily build up of dirt and sweat.  Thirdly, and perhaps even more importantly, over the course of the day free radicals caused by pollution, cling to the make-up on your skin.  These free radicals contribute to cellular damage and early signs of aging – something we are all keen to avoid!!

Following a skincare regime needn’t be complicated.  Here are a few pointers: • Don’t use a cleanser that is too harsh for your face, use something that is specific to your skin type – your local therapist will be able to advise you on the best product for your individual needs.

• Be sure to wash with your facial cleanser for at least 30 seconds, don’t be scared to do this twice if you don’t remove everything the first time.

• Work your cleanser all over your face, including into the hairline, and past your jawline.  And don’t forget your neck!

• Tone, tone, tone!  A toner not only removes any final traces of cleanser and dirt, it helps close pores and balances the skin.  Use a toner that is the same brand as your cleanser as the PH levels will be balanced and you’ll get the best results!

• Moisturise.  A little moisturising goes a long way to rehydrating skin and getting that dewy look we all love.

If you currently don’t remove your make-up and/or wash your face at night please rethink that decision.  Invest in a little “me time” every evening…you’ll soon see the benefits!  X