Skincare Awareness: What’s yours?

Destination Skin have launched the first ever National Skincare Awareness week. Their recent research findings have got me thinking, how skincare aware are we really?

I was brought up with the mantra ‘Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise’ whenever the topic of skincare was brought up, however my introduction to ARK Age Aware Skincare has made me re-evaluate and now I firmly believe in: ‘Cleanse, Moisturise and SPF’ and here’s why…

Cleanse – actually let’s make that double cleanse…why do we bleat on about cleansing so much? Simply put, effective cleansing is the bread and butter to obtaining flawless skin. Every skincare concern can be tackled by first effectively cleansing, particularly in the evening. Treatment serums, moisturisers and masques are unable to do their job properly if not applied to perfectly clean skin. Obviously cleansing removes makeup, true, but remember it’s not just makeup you need to remove from your face, cleansing removes grease and grimy build up from the day which clogs the pores, think dust, smog, sweat, mobile phones and not forgetting transference of dirt every time we touch our faces, it’s enough to make me want to scrub my face now! Aside from the cleaning effect, a good cleansing routine will target your skins specific needs and treat your skin from the very outset of your daily skincare regime, hence the double cleanse, so your cleanser should be chosen to suit your specific skin type and more importantly condition. Ever wondered why there are so many Cleansers out there?

Moisturise – Why do I need to moisturise? Moisturisers not only help keep your skin hydrated, it can make all the difference in the condition of your skin in years to come. While the skin is able to moisturise itself naturally through the production of sebum, our body’s natural moisturiser, as we age this production diminishes, the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels reduce and fine lines and wrinkles start appearing. Moreover, the life we lead and environmental factors also play a part in dehydrating the skin. Use of a moisturiser early on can help prevent and reduce the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. Again, a plethora of moisturising products are available on the market and it’s a case of finding the right one for your skin needs and maturity.

SPF – It’s a staggering fact, but 90% of premature ageing is caused by environmental damage* (read sun exposure). This environmental factor is present as soon as we step outdoors everyday come rain or shine. I recently posted an infographic on Instagram that explained the differences between UVB and UVA rays. In short, both are damaging to our skin but UVA rays penetrate deeper in to the dermis layer. So it is essential that a good quality, broad spectrum (covering both UVA and UVB rays) is applied daily as a standalone part of your morning routine. Why standalone when so many moisturisers and makeup products now contain an SPF? Well, the SPF protection is diluted when carried within another product, so you’d have to slather yourself in the product to get the same level of protection as applying an independent SPF product.

Now, having got you all thinking about how much SPF you use on a daily, or non-daily basis (slap your wrists now!), how clean you’re actually getting your skin each day, and whether you’re even using the right products I’ll let you into a little secret…..ARK Skincare covers all the bases easily and affordably and with AMAZING results!

ARK uses a unique approach which takes into account your age. Split into 3 groups, teens to early 30’s, 30’s -50’s and 50’s and beyond, each of these age groups contains a core collection of ingredients including; vitamins, lipids (natural fats), and anti-oxidants that target the specific age group’s requirements such as over-production of sebum causing spots and acne, diminishing levels of collagen, lack of radiance etc. To make life even easier, each age group has a core range of products, Cleanser, Exfoliator, Masque and Moisturiser – all your bases covered! And even more importantly an award winning Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Primer…no need to look any further! Follow the link to for more information and your one-stop shop for your skincare needs! Visit your local ARK Skincare therapist for a consultation and more information.

Do bear in mind, that products alone will not give you the skin you desire, plenty of water and a healthy diet with exercise also play a part in keeping the skin supple and radiant.
*The Skin Cancer Foundation